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Deutscher and Hackett
Timed Online Auction | Part V: Friendly Country, Friendly People: Art from Papunya Tula, A Collection of 26 Works Offered as One Lot - ex. Cbus Coll - 27 lots

This auction sale has already been held, and the items are no longer available. The lot details are displayed for information only.

Lot #1
Various Artists

Friendly Country, Friendly People C...
Price Realised: *****

Lot #A
Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri

Tingari Men Gathered At Mulpu, 1990

Lot #B
Anatjari Tjampitjinpa

Tingari Men Gathered At Tjurnga, 19...

Lot #C
Freddy West Tjakamarra

Tingari Men At Yunalla, 1990

Lot #D
Timmy Payungka Tjapangati

The Great Snake Of Wilkinkarra, 199...

Lot #E
Kanya Tjapangati

Tingari Men At Ngatintja, 1989

Lot #F
Johnny Warangkula Tjupurrula

Mala Ceremony At Tjikari, 1990

Lot #G
Yala Yala Gibbs Tjungurrayi

Tingari Men At Yawalyurru, 1990

Lot #H
John John Bennett Tjapangati

Tingari Men At Kulkuta, 1990

Lot #I
George Yapa Tjangala

Tingari Men Travelling To Narripung...

Lot #J
220558, George Tjapanangka

Tingari Men Travelling To Marpurri,...

Lot #K
George Tjungurrayi

Kunia, The Quiet Snake At Karrilwar...

Lot #L
Uta Uta Tjangala

Women At Yumari, 1990

Lot #M
Shorty Jackson Tjampitjinpa

Old Woman Travelling Near Ngatjaang...

Lot #N
Tony Tjakamarra

Storm Dreaming, 1990

Lot #O
Benny Tjapaltjarri

Pokaru Bandicoot Dreaming At Pinpir...

Lot #P
Dr George Tjapaljarri

Tingari At Pankurrunga, 1990

Lot #Q
Alison Anderson Nampitjinpa

Yirranpa Honey Ant Dreaming, 1990

Lot #R
Pansy Napangati

Lilpilli, 1990

Lot #S
Pansy Napangati

Dreaming At Wiyanpiri Rock Hole, 19...

Lot #T
Narpula Scobie Napurrula

Women'S Dreaming At Alukuru, 1990

Lot #U
George Ward Tjungurrayi

Tingari Men Traveling To Lake Macdo...

Lot #V
George Tjapanangka

Fire Dreaming At Mulurrurru, 1989

Lot #W
Hilary Tjapaltjarri

Kangaroo Dreaming At Mintjilpirri, ...

Lot #X
Cameron Tjapaltjarri

Travelling Dingo Horde To Nyunmanu,...

Lot #Y
Gideon Jack Tjupurrula

Possum And Bush Plum Dreamings At M...

Lot #Z
Sandra Nampitjinpa

Witchetty Grub And Honey Ant Dreami...

Timed Online Auction | Part V: Friendly Country, Friendly People: Art from Papunya Tula, A Collection of 26 Works Offered as One Lot - ex. Cbus Coll

  • Auction House:
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  • Description:

    Thirty years ago, ‘Friendly Country, Friendly People’ was developed as a national touring exhibition by Araluen Arts Centre. The Cbus Collection of Australian Art acquired the entire exhibition of 26 paintings.

    Papunya Tula Art Pty Ltd and the Western Desert art it showcases is central to any discussion about the development and understanding of contemporary Aboriginal art. This single-lot online auction presents a rare opportunity to view a moment in time, and provides a chance to reflect that today, Aboriginal art comes in many genres, media and from many voices.

    The sale features artworks by Alison Anderson Nampitjinpa, Jack Tjupurrula, Pansy Napangati, Johnny W. Tjupurrula, Sandra Nampitjinpa, Hilary Tjapaltjarri, Cameron Tjapaltjarri, Benny Tjapaltjarri, George Ward Tjungurrayi, Uta Uta Tjangala, George Tjapaltjarri, Narpula Scobie Napurrula, Shorty Jackson Tjampitjinpa, Tony Tjakamarra, Timmy Payungka Tjapangati, John John Bennett Tjapangati, George Tjapanangka, George Tjungurrayi, Yal Yal Gibbs Tjunguarrayi, Freddy West Tjakamarra, Kanya Tjapangati, George Yapa Tjangala, Anatjari Tjampitjinpa.

    Importantly, the 'Friendly Country, Friendly People' collection denotes the first significant touring exhibition and collection to include women painters from Papunya Tula as artists in their own right, rather than assisting the male spouses or relatives. Paintings by renowned Papunya Tula painter Pansy Napangardi together with Narpula Scobie Napurrula, Sandra Nampitjinpa and Alison Anderson Nampitjinpa, who had begun painting in the preceding years, are exhibited alongside the more established male painters from Kintore and Kiwirrkurra.


    This is a timed online format auction, with bidding for this single lot closing at 6.30pm. In order to bid, https://connect.invaluable.com/deutscher_and_hackett/auction-catalog/hermannsburg-watercolours-the-collection-of-joh_U4LXTIZM5X

    Please remember to allow time to register, so don't leave your bidding to the last minute !

    If you are unable to view the item/s in which you are interested, we strongly recommend that you request a condition report. To do this, use the "Ask a Question" button on left hand side of the page of the lot in which you are interested (this enquiry will go directly to the auction house), or contact the auction house (details above).

    Please note that the buyer's premium is inclusive of GST and Invaluable's bidding fees.
  • Sale(s):
    18 Oct 2022 ~ 6.30pm (AEDT)
    36 Gosbell Street
    Paddington, NSW 2021 Australia
  • Viewing:

Prices realised in this sale include buyers premium of 25.000%.

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