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Deutscher and Hackett
Timed Auction | Modern + Contemporary Art - 32 lots

This auction sale has already been held, and the items are no longer available. The lot details are displayed for information only.

Lot #1
Joan Miró

Columbine Entre Chien Et Loup (Colu...
Price Realised: *****

Lot #2
Marc Chagall

Composition Fantastique (Fantastic ...
Price Realised: *****

Lot #3
David Hockney

Brooke Hopper, 1976
Price Realised: *****

Lot #4
Marino Marini

Gran Cavaliere (Great Knight), 1978
Price Realised: *****

Lot #5
Allen Jones

St Joan/Shaw, 1972
Price Realised: *****

Lot #6
Pablo Picasso

Masque Rieur (Laughing Mask) A.R. 5...
Price Realised: *****

Lot #7
Edwin Tanner

Scream Lines, 1967
Price Realised: *****

Lot #8
Ildiko Kovacs

Untitled, 2001
Price Realised: *****

Lot #9
Fred Williams

Avenel, c.1975
Price Realised: *****

Lot #10
Clifton Pugh

Water Bird And Rocky Landscape, 196...
Price Realised: *****

Lot #11
Sidney Nolan

Man, Bird And Fish, New Guinea, 196...
Price Realised: *****

Lot #12
Arthur Boyd

Stage Design, 1965
Price Realised: *****

Lot #13
Ray Crooke

Untitled, c.1970s
Price Realised: *****

Lot #14
Dorothy Braund

Price Realised: *****

Lot #15
Dorothy Braund

Price Realised: *****

Lot #16
Dorothea Francis

Ballet Dancers, c.1940s
Price Realised: *****

Lot #17
Nancy Borlase

The Sisters, 1945
Price Realised: *****

Lot #18
Nancy Borlase

Waterfont - Balmain, 1946
Price Realised: *****

Lot #19
Loudon Sainthill

Price Realised: *****

Lot #20
Bill Henson

Untitled #81, 1985 – 86
Price Realised: *****

Lot #21
Rick Amor

Study For A Curious Case, 2000
Price Realised: *****

Lot #22
Susan Norrie

Faith, 2008
Price Realised: *****

Lot #23
Del Kathryn Barton

Blue Horse, 1995
Price Realised: *****

Lot #24
Jess Johnson

Hostile Ambient Takeover, 2013
Price Realised: *****

Lot #25
Joshua Yeldham

Prayer For Fertility - Gumleaf Bend...
Price Realised: *****

Lot #26
Guan Wei

Cloud No. 5, 2009
Price Realised: *****

Lot #27
David Noonan

The Chinese Lantern, 2004
Estimate: A$ 3,800 - 4,500

Lot #28
Tony Garifalakis

Che II, 2009
Price Realised: *****

Lot #29
Savandhary Vongpoothorn

Shem, 2002
Price Realised: *****

Lot #30
Savandhary Vongpoothorn

Topaz, 2003
Price Realised: *****

Lot #31
Fred Fowler

A Brief History Of Colonisation, 20...
Price Realised: *****

Timed Auction | Modern + Contemporary Art

  • Auction House:
  • Reference:
  • Description:
    The is a timed online format auction, with bidding for the first lot closing at 7pm, and with a 1 minute delay between subsequent lots. In order to bid, go to: https://connect.invaluable.com/deutscher_and_hackett/auction-catalog/Modern-Contemporary-Art_BE2L428Y13/

    Please remember to allow time to register, so don't leave your bidding to the last minute !

    Due to the Covid lockdown, the galleries for the viewing have been closed to the public, however Deutscher and Hackett's staff are on hand and welcome your request for a virtual viewing of the artworks via Facetime. Additionally, high-res, in situ images, videos and condition reports are available to all clients upon request.

    To schedule a virtual tour, email or telephone (during business hours) the auction house. Contact the auction house by:
    phone on: (03) 9865 6333 or
    email to: info@deutscherandhackett.com

    If you are unable to view the item/s in which you are interested, we strongly recommend that you request a condition report. To do this, use the "Ask a Question" button on left hand side of the page of the lot in which you are interested (this enquiry will go directly to the auction house), or contact the auction house (details above).

    Please note that the buyer's premium is inclusive of GST and Invaluable's bidding fees.
  • Sale(s):
    17 Aug 2021 ~ 7pm (AEST)
    To bid online, go to: https://connect.invaluable.com/deutscher_and_hackett/auction-catalog/Modern-Contemporary-Art_BE2L428Y13/#
    VIC Australia
  • Viewing:

Prices realised in this sale include buyers premium of 25.000%.

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