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Lot #39 - Samuel Namunjdja

  • Auction House:
    Deutscher and Hackett
  • Sale Name:
    Important Australian Aboriginal Art
  • Sale Date:
    30 Mar 2022 ~ 7pm (AEDT)
  • Lot #:
  • Lot Description:
    Samuel Namunjdja
    (1965 - 2009)
    Ngalyod - Rainbow Serpent, 1999
    natural earth pigments on eucalyptus bark
    164.5 x 75.0 cm (irregular)
    bears inscription on label verso: artist's name, medium, size, language group, location and Maningrida Arts and Culture cat. 13551999BP; bears inscription verso: Palya Art cat. 0360
    PROVENANCE: Maningrida Arts and Culture, Maningrida, Northern Territory (label and certificate of authenticity attached verso); Palya Art, Darwin; Private collection, Melbourne. This work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Maningrida Arts and Culture which states: ‘The Rainbow Serpent is a powerful mythological figure for all Aboriginal people throughout Australia. Characteristics of the Rainbow Serpent vary greatly from group to group, also depending on the site. Often viewed as a female generative figure, the Rainbow Serpent can sometimes also be male. She has both powers of creation and destruction and is most strongly associated with rain, monsoon seasons and of course the colours seen in rainbows which all across the sky like a giant serpent. For Aboriginal people in Northern Australia, the rainbow serpent is said too be active during the wet season. Often she is associated with billabongs and freshwater springs where she resides and she is responsible for the production of most water plants such as water lilies, water vines and palms which grow near water. The circles in the tail and surrounding the serpent represent manbark 'water lilies' and are symbolic of this power. The roar of the waterfalls in the escarpment country is said to be her voice. Large hills and cliff faces are said to be her tacks. she is held in awe because of her apparent ability to renew her life by shedding her skin. Aboriginal myths about the Rainbow Serpent often describe her as a fearful creature who swallows human only to regurgitate them. The white ochre used by the artist to create the brilliant white paint for body paintings, body decoration and in the past rock art, is said to be the faeces of the Rainbow Serpent. Aboriginal people today respect sacred sites where the Rainbow Serpent is said to reside. Often certain activities are forbidden at these places for fear that the wrath of the great snake will cause sickness.’
  • Estimate:
    A$4,000 - 6,000
  • Realised Price:

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