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Lot #13 - Yirawala

  • Auction House:
    Deutscher and Hackett
  • Sale Name:
    Important Australian Aboriginal Art
  • Sale Date:
    30 Mar 2022 ~ 7pm (AEDT)
  • Lot #:
  • Lot Description:
    (c.1895 - 1976)
    Barramundi, c.1968
    natural earth pigments on eucalyptus bark
    32.0 x 92.0 cm (irregular)
  • Provenance:
    Most likely painted at Minjilang, Croker Island, Western Arnhem Land; Private collection, California; Joel Fine Art, Melbourne, 5 June 2007, lot 18; Private collection, Melbourne
  • References:
    Barramundi', illus. in Le Brun Holmes, S., 'Yirawala: Painter of the Dreamtime', Hodder and Stoughton, Sydney, 1992, pl. 43
  • Notes:
    Yirawala was a senior member of the Nabon clan of the Kuningku language group from the Liverpool River region of Western Arnhem Land. Raised in a traditional manner by his father, Yirawala was taught clan designs, songs and stories that explained local traditions. This learning together with regular exposure to the Rock Art found in galleries on the surrounding escarpment directly influenced his practice. Yirawala and his family moved to Croker Island in the late 1950s where he was an important and influential figure. His bark paintings of major ceremonial themes, including the 'Mardayin' and' Ubar 'ceremonies, depict totemic creatures and sprit figures. The Barramundi was intrinsic to Yirawala's depiction of the 'Mardayin', a series of paintings that represent great spiritual power. The major creation ancestor for the Kuningku people, the great hunter Lumahlumah, walked the land and distributed names and powers to all living creatures and inanimate sites. Lumahlumah was the first to see and name the barramundi. CRISPIN GUTTERIDGE
  • Estimate:
    A$10,000 - 15,000
  • Realised Price:

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  • Category:

This Sale has been held and this item is no longer available. Details are provided for information purposes only.

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