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Lot #10 - Coco De Mer sailor’s box, Seychelles Islands, 19th century

  • Auction House:
    Leski Auctions
  • Sale Name:
    Australian & Colonial
  • Sale Date:
    26 May 2019 ~ 12noon (AEST)
  • Lot #:
  • Lot Description:
    Coco De Mer sailor’s box, Seychelles Islands, 19th century
    Endemic only to the Seychelles the Coco De Mer nut is the largest known seed in existence and was highly coveted by sailors in the 18th and 19th century who prized it for its erotic appearance. Its botanical name Ladoicea callipyge is from the Greek and literally translates to “beautiful buttocks”. Unlike other coconuts the seed does not remain viable once at sea so its range is extremely limited and most of the 7000 odd known living examples are found on Vallee de Mai. The process of pollination to independent sapling takes at least 9 years.
    25cm long
  • Estimate:
    A$1,000 - 1,500
  • Realised Price:

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  • Category:
    Tools of Trade

This Sale has been held and this item is no longer available. Details are provided for information purposes only.

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