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Lot #38 - American Civil War Era Jaw'S Harp

  • Auction House:
    Leonard Joel
  • Sale Name:
    The American Civil War Collection
  • Sale Date:
    22 Jul 2012 ~ 12noon
  • Lot #:
  • Lot Description:
    American Civil War Era Jaw'S Harp
    pear-shaped cast iron musical instrument with central metal 'tongue'
    8.8cm long
  • Notes:
    The Jaw's Harp was the most popular musical instrument used during the Civil War. It is played by holding it to the player's mouth and plucked. Different notes can be achieved by altering the shape of the mouth.
  • Estimate:
    A$40 - 60
  • Realised Price:

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  • Category:
    Militaria & Weapons

This Sale has been held and this item is no longer available. Details are provided for information purposes only.

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